PVC Boxes


PVC Electrical Outlet and Switch Boxes

Corrosion-Resistant Protection from the Elements

For superior PVC Electrical Boxes and Covers, Teddico offers a wide range of single and multi-gang switch and outlet boxes offering maximum protection from the elements.

We also offer Old Work Outlet Switch and Ceiling Boxes and Round Ceiling Covers.

View our selection of PVC Weatherproof Products below.

TEDDICO Introduces Slim-Line While-in-Use Covers

To prevent electrical cords from bending inside the covers, include our new patented design, Extra Duty Slim-Line While-in-Use Covers on your next job. These durable, corrosion-resistant housings are designed for long outdoor life and feature:

  • Low Profile (only 1-9/16" deep)
  • Ability to Lock Cords In-Place
  • Assembly in Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • UV-Rated Polycarbonate Body in Gray, White & Transparent
  • NEC-Compliant Durability
  • Rated for 15 Amp

For superior While-In-Use Covers and other quality products, contact your Teddico distributor or call 412.747.4970