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Fittings & Accessories

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Whether you need EMT Compression Connectors or Couplings, Flexible Metal Conduit, Cable Connectors, Liquid-Tight Connectors, Rigid Conduit, Ground Fittings and Accessories, we have the inventory and expertise to help you get the right materials for your specific job.

All of our fittings & accessories are UL- and CSA-certified. They also meet UL, CSA, NEC and NEMA standards.

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TEDDICO Introduces Slim-Line While-in-Use Covers

To prevent electrical cords from bending inside the covers, include our new patented design, Extra Duty Slim-Line While-in-Use Covers on your next job. These durable, corrosion-resistant housings are designed for long outdoor life and feature:

  • Low Profile (only 1-9/16" deep)
  • Ability to Lock Cords In-Place
  • Assembly in Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • UV-Rated Polycarbonate Body in Gray, White & Transparent
  • NEC-Compliant Durability
  • Rated for 15 Amp

For superior While-In-Use Covers and other quality products, contact your Teddico distributor or call 412.747.4970